Digital Jargon Decoded! #finally

Jargon sucks.

In fact, some say it is nothing but a covert way to exclude many from understanding things that are very simple. Alas, in every industry, there is vocabulary. Episode #006 kicks off this discussion of Decoding Digital Jargon.

We tackle the digital marketing words that fly around one by one. There are so many, terms it actually took us two episodes (#006 & #007) to cover them. What is the true meaning of an algorithm, what is really meant by the insanely overused word of engagement, and how do I describe a hashtag to my Dad? We got you.


We also dig into the always hot topic of Content Marketing and discuss the many many ways a conversion can be defined. And it’s not always putting something in your Amazon shopping cart.

Rather than Google all of these terms, we hope you’ll have more fun listening to us banter about them, deconstruct their origins (e.g. hashtags) and walk away feeling more confident talking shop with your marketing team.

Take a listen and please let us know if this was helpful. You can email us with your ideas and feedback at