Building Trust is an Executive's #1 Job.

What do you want to be known for?

  • Generosity.

  • Humor.

  • Business acumen.

  • Success.

  • Innovation.

  • Environmental activism.

This list goes on and on.

The existential question is one many of us have spent some time on but may never fully answer. But as a leader, it is mission critical. In 2019, it’s not enough to be a good “businessman” or to drive profit for the shareholders. Employees, journalists, Wall Street- they all want to know what you stand for.

Edelman releases an annual study called the Trust Barometer. In it, they state that a CEO’s #1 job is building trust. Trust comes from transparency, clear principles, and consistency. There is no more powerful stage than social media for articulating what it is you stand for and building rapport and trust with those that look up to you.

In episode #005, we cover the reasons an executive must be on social media. We don’t think he or she needs to talk about everything or be on every platform, but we focus on where a leader can have the most impact. We also discuss the operations behind making an executive successful on social media. This includes an editorial calendar, training and education, and time management. Focus on what matters and do it well, as they say.

This is a topic we are very passionate about as the role of a leader has shifted since our parents’ generation. No longer untouchable, removed, and stoic. Social media is one of the most fundamental (and underutilized) tools we have to build personality, humanity and trust for leaders and their organizations. Which in turn drives long-term value for the brand, shareholders and employees.

Listen on if you are someone interested in getting started.