The Social Currency Sampler Platter

Episode #002 really kick things off for the Social Currency podcast. Tuck and I provide an overview of multiple topics all aimed at providing you with clear reasons why digital marketing and social media matter. Here’s a sampler platter:

  • Why has video become such a juggernaut in the online space?

  • Does the notion of “earned” attention really exists anymore?

  • The need for paid social media and capitalizing on commerce occurring on platform.

  • The power of retargeting.

  • With the pendulum swinging back to “people-first” content, brands are partnering with social influencers and positioning their executives as brand ambassadors.

Social media has become the fabric through which so much of our lives, businesses and brands are shared. Many are saying it is the new internet. More than ever before, business owners and leaders should understand it and embrace it as a tool to drive your business.

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