Do I Really Need Both Facebook & Instagram?

Everyone listening to this podcast is familiar with Facebook and Instagram. But not everyone is using both, nor is it clear how these two powerhouses differentiate themselves. This episode digs into the topic: Facebook vs. Instagram.

In many ways, Instagram is Facebook’s younger sibling, heavily prioritizing visuals and rooted in mobile culture. It is a simpler, more immersive experience. When we say immersive, that means figuratively (takes up almost your entire smartphone’s screen) AND functionally (you can’t click out to a website save for only a few exceptions). Guess what? We shouldn’t be surprised that Instagram kills Facebook in engagement stats. People want to stay there.


But this doesn’t mean that we abandon Facebook. Facebook still has more options, customization tools and success driving traffic to company websites vs. any other social platform. Facebook is, in many ways, a media platform whereas Instagram still has elements of a social platform. Neither is better or worse, but they are just different.

Where we’re seeing similarities between Facebook and Instagram is their priority on authenticity. The individual over the brand. The content that gets engagement over the post that leverages paid for pure reach. The words authenticity and engagement are highly overused but the reality is that they are perceived as “triggers” for both Instagram and Facebook and they directly impact which content will be seen by followers.

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