What's it like to have millions of followers that tune in to hear your views on specific topics as you develop thought leadership and branded content for the largest corporations in the world?

We’ve invited David Cogen, known as @theunlockr, as our special guest to the Social Currency marketing podcast to deep-dive with us on influencer marketing. David is a YouTuber, social influencer, vlogger, blogger, tech enthusiast and all around nice guy. For episode 015, we are discussing what it’s like to be an influencer and how a business leader, like you, can work with this critical group of content creators.

If you have been curious about influencer marketing, what it means to be an influencer, and if it matters, this two-part episode (014, 015) is for you. But don't call him an influencer - what David brings to the table is the power of what every brand needs to know now.

This week's episode is part 2 of 2 = we had so much to discuss, we split into two episodes so we didn't have to hold back any of the good stuff.