In episode #29 of the Social Currency podcast, we interview Michael Stelzner. Michael is a digital marketing leader and social media expert. He is the founder of Social Media Examiner, author of the books Launch and Writing White Papers, and the man behind Social Media Marketing World–the industry’s largest conference. He’s also host of the Social Media Marketing podcast, founder of the Social Media Marketing Society, and the central character in The Journey, an episodic YouTube documentary.

It’s so refreshing to hear the perspective of someone who has studied and practiced content/ digital marketing for decades. Things change in this space at a fast clip and it’s tough to maintain perspective. Our discussion with Michael delves into his passion around video and the powerful tool inside our phones to capture footage and tell a story. He makes no bones about the fact that every company and brand should have a video strategy and if it’s not part of your mix, it needs to be. Not just because we can but because it draws our audiences closer to us as people. This is evidenced by his evolution from blogging to podcasting to video-based episodic storytelling as seen in The Journey.

Next, we delve into podcasting, why Spotify is making a big play here, and the length of time people are spending in this (not so new, but exploding) medium. Followed up by the green field opportunities that exist within Instagram- one of the final frontiers of “free” organic reach. That leads us into a discussion on social influencer marketing and his thoughts on finding influencers inside a company.

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