In this episode of the Social Currency podcast, we discuss the infamous Mary Meeker Internet Trends Report.

Mary has become a staple at the annual Code Conference, running through insane amounts of data and research about the internet and technology adoption in rapid succession, PechaKucha (Machu Picchu?) Style (Japanese form of storytelling where you only speak for 20 seconds per slide with heavy use of visuals).

Who is Mary Meeker? She is an American venture capitalist and former Wall Street securities analyst. Her primary work is on Internet and new technologies and famously said “the internet has lots of upside.” She was a partner at the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins until last year when she formed her own company, Bond Capital. In 2014, she was listed as the 77th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes. She has been producing the “Future of the Internet” reports since 1995.

We discuss:

  • Global internet user base. 

  • Subscription vs. free trial. 

  • Power of recommendation. 

  • Podcasting growth. 

  • Voice growth. 

  • eSports and social gaming. 

  • Data as the killer app. 

  • Splinternet. 

  • Cybersecurity and technology’s impact on healthcare. 

So. Much. Goodness.

Links we reference in the show are below:

Mary’s Presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_dwZB5h56E

Full Report: https://www.bondcap.com/#view/1

Recode Summary: https://www.vox.com/recode/2019/6/11/18651010/mary-meeker-internet-trends-report-slides-2019