Developing your personal brand online is easier than you think and more important than ever. We outline the 7 steps to do just this in episode #35 of the Social Currency podcast.

  1. What is a personal brand?

  2. Why you need variations of your stump speech.

  3. Your point of view is what differentiates you.

  4. Focus on those you’re trying to attract. Forget the rest

  5. Partner with others and co-create content that adds value to others.

  6. There are lots of (free) tools. How to think about them in stages.

  7. Maintain even when you don’t “need” anything. Table touching.

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How to Build a Personal Brand in 5 Steps (and Why Everyone Messes Up on Number 1):

5 Steps to Building Your Personal Brand From Scratch:


Just when we think we’ve got social media dialed, it changes on us. Unlike the internet, which often feels like a utility, social media platforms are living, breathing entities. They are run by people, respond to market changes, and are constantly evolving their functionality and algorithms. The Social Media Marketing World conference, held in San Diego, California, brings together over 100 social and digital marketing experts and really punched above its weight this year. In this podcast, we riff on what we learned AND the patterns we’re hearing. So much good stuff!

Our key takeaways:

  • Less than half of marketers report they’re using live video or Instagram/ Facebook stories in their content strategy, yet this is where organic reach and engagement are still alive and well. Do video now. Ephemeral is the new black! Huge opportunity here.

  • Vanity metrics are meaningless. Stop counting likes. Start listening (and participating) in conversations about your brand and focus on your core KPIs.

  • Show, don’t tell. Demonstrate your product or service visually. Then let your audience tell the story - on your behalf. Everyone is a reporter now. The power is in the hands of your customers. Make it easy.

  • Relationships are marketing. Focus on “micro-interactions.” Less is more, if it is meaningful. We explain the CARE model.

  • Craft your LinkedIn profile for the reader, not you. Don’t be myopic. What are you and/or your brand offering your audience?

  • Lastly, no one gave us an operating manualfor how to live in the era we do. This digital era. Experiment. Don’t be afraid to start today. It’s not too late. We are all figuring it out together!

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